A Safe, Effective, and Flowable Solution

StemVive® is a minimally manipulated allograft specifically designed to be an increased flowable by removing its Extracellular Matrix during processing from post-Cesarean umbilical cord, amniotic materials, and placental birth tissue.

Accelerated Healing

Aids in healing and regeneration by utilizing Wharton’s Jelly and placental tissue. These are an excellent source of mesenchymal cells (MSC’s) that can differentiate into a variety of cell types including muscle (myocytes), bone (osteoblasts), cartilage (chondrocytes), and fat cells (adipocytes).

Reduces Pain

Helps reduce pain and inflammation. StemVive® is amniotic tissue/fluid that is rich in cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, and micro-RNA. These work together to signal the body to heal and repair itself and aid in regeneration.

Maximum Benefits

StemVive® has therapeutic ingredients that combine to create high levels of both MSC’s and HSC’s to provide maximum healing benefits. Useful in the treatment of blood-related diseases and conditions. Cord blood has high levels of hematopoietic cells (HSC’s) that can give rise to various types of blood cells including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

The amniotic connective tissue matrix includes elements such as: growth factors, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. These elements can help protect, cushion, lubricate, reduce inflammation, and assist the body in the healing and regeneration process. Through our groundbreaking proprietary processing system we are able to protect and preserve high levels of donor stem cells and viability per unit even after cryopreservation.

Why Utah Cord Bank

Utah Cord Bank products distinguish themselves by higher concentrations of therapeutic elements and less destructive processing. Proprietary processing protocols protect and preserve the therapeutic elements from donor tissues and set our products apart from competitors with respect to concentration, viability, and efficacy.
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